Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What I did with my hair yesterday

Hey yall,
Ok so yesterday I decided that I had to had to wash,deep condish and style(protective style) my hair. Since Saturday was my first day back to work after this snow storm I was extremely sleeply when I woke up yesterday morning, but I knew my hair had to be done. Well I decided to wash my hair with the usual castle soap( which I am almost out of!) once I finished I did a deep condish with a rahassoul clay mix I made and then twisted my hair in medium sized twist. I had been wanting to do a dry twist out so I let my hair air dry and then used my own homemade Hair Buttercream and twisted my hair. This Hair Buttercream is a new mix for me and I plan to give out samples later on so keep an eye out for the post. Below is a  pic of my hair from a dry twist out ( half up and the rest down) that I did on Friday for my Mommy's Bday.

P.S. OMG I forgot I also used Trader Joe's Spa Conditioner I will do a review on this soon and also post pics of my medium twists.

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