Sunday, January 23, 2011

What I did with my hair today

Hey yall,
Well today was wash day for me, since it is still cold in Atlanta I have been washing once a week still. So this morning I co-washed my hair with TJ's Spa Nourish Conditioner and I was in and out of the shower in about 25 minutes. My hair was not in tangles since I have been wearing it in a twist out since Thursday and I will in another post go over with I did to maintain my twist out for 4 days. Once out of the shower I left my hair in 4 big plaits from co-washing and let it semi-air dry. Once my hair was semi-dry I pulled it back with a headband and decided to two-strand twist on the rest. I used the flax seed gel that I made on Thursday and let me tell you the definition it amazing. Once I opened the jar it was like instant aromatherapy I love this stuff, and finished with about 20-25 twist which I plan to leave in until Thursday and then do a twist out until wash day again.

 ***These two top pics are of my hair when I first took the twist down***

These two pics of me in the green sweater are of my 4th day hair, it would have looked good for a few more days I am sure but I didn't want to risk a tearful wash session in the end

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