Thursday, January 20, 2011

Trader Joe's Nourish Spa Conditioner

Ok yall,
This is too crazy I had another PJ moment this week, let me explain what happened. So on Friday while trying to kill time before meeting my family for my Mom's bday I decided to pop into Trader Joe's . I walked around with just a basket almost empty until I saw the personal care section( there is no sign that calls it this but, I do!) Well I saw this conditioner and also a citrus one that they have and smelled both( they smelled amazing) and decided on the Nourish Spa( for some reason it looked bigger despite that they are the same size! lol) Anyhoo, I waited a whole day until my mad PJ started raging and I decided to go back to Trader Joe's( even though I had not used the condish yet!) and fast forward 20 minutes later I am in the check out grabbing my receipt and the additional two bottles that I just purchased and am in my car praying that I fall in love with this new conditioner and...well I did!!! Yall let me tell you this condish has the best slip in the world as soon as I put it on my hair it soaked it up like a sponge and melted away all the knots and tangles that I had in my hair. Also the scent is wonderful, I am actually still sitting her writing this post and I can smell it on my hair (mixed with the smell from my homemade Hair Buttercream!) So I know that this will be a keeper in my rotation don't believe me? Try it yourself @ Trader Joe's for 2.99


  1. I love the nourish spa conditioner! It makes detangling so easy for me and the price is awesome :)

  2. It is simply wonderful I do love TJ Nourish Spa thanks for checking out my blog Angelina :-)

  3. how did u know i used that conditioner?---i love it!!!--i actually use it as a leave in, too