Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mini E.L.F Haul, Twists Update and Vacation

Ok so this is a close up of the products I picked up and this bottom pic is the sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean this was while we where on the ferry to Sapelo...more pics to come soon :) 

Friday, October 19, 2012


David and I are heading to the coast and expect to have a great time and much needed rest and relaxation! The twists are holding up well and in a ponytail for now. I will post some pics later, have a great weekend!!! :)

Sunday, October 14, 2012


I know I promised a video this weekend and I really did try to stick to it so I recorded a haul video tonight waited for it to upload only to see that I recorded it upside down :( so sorry guys this weekend flew by and I am also trying to get my taxes done by tomorrow night ugh! I really need to make sure that I don't procrastinate about my taxes next year! Let's not even talk about how I have to get ready to go out of town for next weekend.


Monday, October 8, 2012

Mini Twists Are Back!

So my mini twists are back this set felt like it took me the longest to do, I started Friday night and finished late Saturday night. So far they look great I twisted on stretched hair with shea butter. Below is a pic before I wet the ends and then after the ends have been wet and shrinkage has set in lol. I plan to do a September favorites video this weekend, I didn't really try too many new products last month so the video will be a bit short. By the way my weight loss is going pretty good I have been working a lot so I haven't been able to hit the gym like I would want and last night I had ice-cream (I know this is so bad, but I couldn't resist) but so far I have lost 4 pounds with just watching what I eat and using a fitness app on my phone.

***So in the above pic I know the ends look strange but I never like to twists down to the ends, excuse my last pic I look so washed out I had just washed off my makeup***