Monday, October 8, 2012

Mini Twists Are Back!

So my mini twists are back this set felt like it took me the longest to do, I started Friday night and finished late Saturday night. So far they look great I twisted on stretched hair with shea butter. Below is a pic before I wet the ends and then after the ends have been wet and shrinkage has set in lol. I plan to do a September favorites video this weekend, I didn't really try too many new products last month so the video will be a bit short. By the way my weight loss is going pretty good I have been working a lot so I haven't been able to hit the gym like I would want and last night I had ice-cream (I know this is so bad, but I couldn't resist) but so far I have lost 4 pounds with just watching what I eat and using a fitness app on my phone.

***So in the above pic I know the ends look strange but I never like to twists down to the ends, excuse my last pic I look so washed out I had just washed off my makeup***

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