Saturday, June 30, 2012

Curly Hair and Tanned Skin

I know it has been a while but I really have not done anything to my hair. I am beyond excited that I have worn it in this three strand twist out for almost two weeks! I do plan to wash it this weekend (hopefully) and then attempt another three strand twist out it is soooo hot here in Atlanta and my hair has held up amazing well. The only thing that I used for this twist out is pure aloe vera gel and shea butter that is it! I have learned that anything with glycerin in this heat equals a hot mess for my hair! So I have stayed clear of anything that has glycerin and opted to make my own twist cream! Monday my mom, sister and I headed to Acworth Beach (Lake Allatoona) and had a blast I of course got a nice tan and heat rash ( this happens to me every beginning of the summer). Well I am headed to volunteer and then a night out on the town later, have a great weekend!

                                  *I am in love with summer, look at this tan and my curly hair!!!*

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Attempted Wash n Go

So the other day I decided to henna my hair it has been, a few months and I knew my hair needed it. This was an overnight process and then the next few days I wore my hair in a high bun. Well on Tuesday night I co-washed and thought that maybe I should try a wash n go. My Instagram has been full of Natural Hair ladies that have been rocking the best wash n gos, so I thought I would try one myself. Now the problem is that I have always attempted them and never had them turn out right, I have way too much hair for it to dry properly and I hate having soaking wet hair(walking around with water running down my neck and back is not cute)! But I gave it a try anyway I used Suave Naturals Almond and Shea Butter condish and let me tell you guys it is the best (I will do a full review on it soon!) and Suave's Captivating Curls Gel. I loved the idea of a spray gel but it just wasn't enough hold for my thick hair and I had to use it with Ecostyler without it would have looked a mess(well worse than how it turned out). It never dried fully so I said whatever and did a three strand twist out.  I was surprised that it held up great when I was out in the city yesterday. For the three strand twist out I used Shea Moisture, this might be my go to look for the summer when I want to wear my hair out since wash n gos and my hair don't get along.

*Ok so the condish was a hit! I can't really give a review on the Captivating Curls because it didn't have enough hold I had to mix it with Eco styler, hopefully I can try to use it again (I had high hopes for it)!  But can we talk about how tan I look in the bottom pic!?!? I went to South Carolina last weekend for a cookout and spent sometime walking around the city yesterday this is insane the sun loves me lol*

Friday, June 15, 2012

NOTD (Nails Of The Day)

So I have this mini obsession with nail polish and have a nice little collection. This is my newest purchase that I wanted to share with you guys, Ulta's Oh!!! I love this color it is a peachy bronze color that is perfect for summer, Ulta has a sale right now that is 2 for $6 and send out regular coupons for 3.50 off of a purchase of 10 dollars or more. I don't change my polish everyday but I do change it up a few times a week so I plan to do a few posts like this to show you guys colors that I love! Have a great day! Happy Friday!!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Braid Out With Flax Seed Gel Part II

So I finally took my braids done on Saturday and I loved my braid out! Yesterday David and I went to Amicolola Falls for a hike and got caught in the rain but we had a blast! It is about an hour from Atlanta in the Georgia Mountains and we really ruffed it we had no gps signal, cell signal or snacks lol. We had a great time and I was so glad that I kept my hair in the braids that I put back in Saturday night because it poured down raining the whole time. I hope everyone had a great weekend.

 This was part of about 600 hundred stairs to the top of the mountain

 David and I stopped along the way to the Falls to take a pic it was pouring

 I looked so unprepared I threw this sweater on to beat the rain   This was actually the middle of the Falls, I believe it is 800 ft up
 This was my braid out after I finally took the braids out

Friday, June 8, 2012

Platted Hair = Work Out Hair

So in the past few weeks I have started trying to develop a work out routine. I have tried to figure out ways to prevent my scalp from being incredibly itchy because if I don't wash every time I save myself  from washing or co-washing daily but also not washing every time guarantees me an itchy scalp. So my hair has still been braided up from the braids that I put in on Tuesday for my braid out, I don't mind walking around with them in and thought today would be perfect to work out with them in. This actually proved to be beneficial my scalp was still able to breathe which I think helped prevent the sweat from building up like last time when I wore that bun and had the worst case of itchy scalp. For this look below I have three braids pulled up in a ponytail and five down the back. I pulled them together and twisted them up and secured with a bobby pin. I hit the treadmill and didn't have a problem with them falling down.
P.S. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
 This is my hair up

 The ponytail down 

 The side view of it down

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Pre-pooing With Babassu Oil

So Tuesday was wash day for me and I decided to pre-poo so I smoothed on the oil and placed my hair in 6 large loose twists. Babassu oil is considered an alternative to coconut oil and like coconut oil forms a protective coating on hair. I have had the oil for a couple of months and feel like it is something that I can alternate between,but I don't like having to wait for the babassu to come in the mail when I can get coconut oil from Whole Foods. I left the oil on for a couple of hours and then co-washed and applied my flax seed oil for a braid out. I have been rocking the braids so when I take them down I will post those pics. Have a great day!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Flax Seed Gel At It's Best!

Ok so the other night I decided to do a braid out with flax seed gel, as I showed in my last post. It has been extremely humid here in Atlanta and I just didn't want to wear a bun all summer or risk my hair puffing up as soon as I walk out the door. So this braid out has lasted we went to dinner Saturday night at Fogo de Chao and it looked amazing. All I can tell y'all about Fogo de Chao is amazing unlimited words just check it out yourself. Here is my look from Saturday.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Flax Seed Braid Out-Summer Edition

My braid out is back! As much as I love buns I just didn't feel as fancy with the low bun I wore this week. So I made a fresh batch of flax seed gel and placed my hair in six large braids, I pushed the front of my hair back. I haven't been outside with my hair out since it has been raining and muggy out. I am hoping that the flax seed gel will prevent my hair from frizzing and puffing out so I shall report back soon!
P.S. I even tried a new makeup look today I own way too much eye makeup to have it laying around, maybe I will go out this weekend. ;)