Thursday, June 21, 2012

Attempted Wash n Go

So the other day I decided to henna my hair it has been, a few months and I knew my hair needed it. This was an overnight process and then the next few days I wore my hair in a high bun. Well on Tuesday night I co-washed and thought that maybe I should try a wash n go. My Instagram has been full of Natural Hair ladies that have been rocking the best wash n gos, so I thought I would try one myself. Now the problem is that I have always attempted them and never had them turn out right, I have way too much hair for it to dry properly and I hate having soaking wet hair(walking around with water running down my neck and back is not cute)! But I gave it a try anyway I used Suave Naturals Almond and Shea Butter condish and let me tell you guys it is the best (I will do a full review on it soon!) and Suave's Captivating Curls Gel. I loved the idea of a spray gel but it just wasn't enough hold for my thick hair and I had to use it with Ecostyler without it would have looked a mess(well worse than how it turned out). It never dried fully so I said whatever and did a three strand twist out.  I was surprised that it held up great when I was out in the city yesterday. For the three strand twist out I used Shea Moisture, this might be my go to look for the summer when I want to wear my hair out since wash n gos and my hair don't get along.

*Ok so the condish was a hit! I can't really give a review on the Captivating Curls because it didn't have enough hold I had to mix it with Eco styler, hopefully I can try to use it again (I had high hopes for it)!  But can we talk about how tan I look in the bottom pic!?!? I went to South Carolina last weekend for a cookout and spent sometime walking around the city yesterday this is insane the sun loves me lol*

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