Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Lost Files

I'm a picture loving girl and I'm sure we are all guilty of having tons of selfies that weren't post worthy right!?! Well here are some of mine enjoy

End Of the Year Ramblings and 6th Day Hair

So 2014 is coming to a close and I have to say that it has been an amazing year! I have truly learned so much and just want to thank each and everyone of you that read, comment and share my blog with people everyday! I remember when I first posted an entry and then when I felt like I was talking to myself(before I discovered blog statistics) lol. But you guys have been amazing and I wanted to post my famous list of things that 2014 has taught  me. 
1) one day I will master a roller set on my hair I just need to keep at it. 
2) dry sets for twists and braids always give me the best results.
3) polishing my nails two hours before bed is a big no no! 
4) I stepped out of my comfort zone for 10 out of the 12 months this year and it felt great. I have always been such a planner and am learning to allow myself to live life more, relax and enjoy it! 
5) I will never apologize for my insane makeup and nail polish collection...once a product junkie always a product junkie.
6) I have about 4 friends and until this year did I realize less is better...they have become my family
7) although I love a beat face(makeup) and a fresh mani...a smile may be my favorite thing to wear everyday.
8) we all have flaws but I have learned to accept them and love them (some days I stumble)
9) I'm a homebody and can really enjoy myself at home but still enjoy getting dolled up and seeing the town. 
10) brunch is awesome and I need to figure out a way to have it everyday.
I hope you guys have an awesome and amazing New Year! 

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Three Strand Twist Out

Last Saturday I decided to re-twist my hair but didn't feel like washing it. I thought a three strand twist out would be an awesome way to get a defined twist out. I placed my hair in about 20 twists and took them down this morning. I only used Ecostyler Krystal and Pink for this twist out, but forgot to take a picture with the twist in. Merry Christmas love bugs! 

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Braid Out, Plaid and Glasses

I promised I would post a pic of my hair! This was a braid out about a week old, I took pics today of course it's frizzy but it is stretched. I used Krystal and Pink Ecostyler gel and placed my hair in 8 braids...and of course like normal to maintain it at night I braid my hair back up and then don a large satin bonnet! 

P.S. The glasses are from Warby Parker, they are such an awesome company for every pair that they sell they donate a pair to someone in need kind like the concept of Toms.  I purchased this pair back in November and order two more pairs yesterday. All glasses are 95 bucks for single vision and they even let you try before you buy! Check them out if you are in need! 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Crochet Braids

So I installed a set of chrocet braids for my Mom about two weeks ago and wanted to share the look with y'all. I know I haven't posted much about my hair but things have been beyond hectic with the holidays(but hair post are coming soon). Anyhoo, I braided my Mom's in about twelve cornrows and then installed the hair I used Freetress Soft Wave in the color 1b and 2 for a subtle highlight. This is her second install the first was about two months ago but I forgot to blog about it. There are tons of how to videos on YouTube but basically you use a latch hook and latch the hair into the braids. This has been my Mom's go to style because she is about to wear it up or down and not worry about it being damaging to her hair because the braids aren't too tight. So this would of course be a great protective style or even good for transitioning hair. My Mom sleeps with her hair in a bonnet and then shakes it down in the morning and is out the door. She still takes care of her hair underneath and applies oil when needed. 

The top picture is her current install of Freetress Soft Water Wave in 1b and 2. The bottom picture is chrochet braids too but with the Jumbo Braid Kankalon hair in the color 2 and 33. I got both brands of hair from my local beauty supply store in Atlanta. Both brands of hair are relatively cheap since the hair is synthetic. The last install took about 3 hours the first took a lot longer since it was my first try. 

Monday, December 1, 2014

Top Knot Bun For My Birthday

My 29th aka 8th annual 21st birthday was awesome I spent it with my family and the end they are all I needed for my special day. I'm not mad in this pic just wanted to showcase my dark lipstick!