Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Crochet Braids

So I installed a set of chrocet braids for my Mom about two weeks ago and wanted to share the look with y'all. I know I haven't posted much about my hair but things have been beyond hectic with the holidays(but hair post are coming soon). Anyhoo, I braided my Mom's in about twelve cornrows and then installed the hair I used Freetress Soft Wave in the color 1b and 2 for a subtle highlight. This is her second install the first was about two months ago but I forgot to blog about it. There are tons of how to videos on YouTube but basically you use a latch hook and latch the hair into the braids. This has been my Mom's go to style because she is about to wear it up or down and not worry about it being damaging to her hair because the braids aren't too tight. So this would of course be a great protective style or even good for transitioning hair. My Mom sleeps with her hair in a bonnet and then shakes it down in the morning and is out the door. She still takes care of her hair underneath and applies oil when needed. 

The top picture is her current install of Freetress Soft Water Wave in 1b and 2. The bottom picture is chrochet braids too but with the Jumbo Braid Kankalon hair in the color 2 and 33. I got both brands of hair from my local beauty supply store in Atlanta. Both brands of hair are relatively cheap since the hair is synthetic. The last install took about 3 hours the first took a lot longer since it was my first try. 

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