Friday, August 19, 2016

Itchy scalp???

So I've been trying to keep a schedule of co-washing every week, and noticed that after about three days my scalp itches something insane...I co-wash it and a few days later the problem returns. I assumed that maybe it was dry so I added oil and Carol's Daughter honey hair mimosa and noticed that the itches just wouldn't go away. I've amped up my workouts but other then working out nothing was different with my hair routine. Today almost mad from the itching I decided to actually wash my hair with dare I say it...a poo shampoo. For those that are newly natural "poo shampoo" contains sulfates and often detergents that strip your hair. I know this sounds bizarre but I needed to strip all the product out of my hair because I wasn't experiencing dry scalp but intense product buildup. Co-washing is amazing but I needed something that would be able to remove all the product from my hair and scalp and get it really clean. I don't plan on using this shampoo all the time but once a month I will be reaching for it to clarify my hair and scalp of any old products. If you are experiencing intense itching and have been co-washing grab a cheapie shampoo and give it a try, you will be surprised at it's relief!