Friday, June 8, 2012

Platted Hair = Work Out Hair

So in the past few weeks I have started trying to develop a work out routine. I have tried to figure out ways to prevent my scalp from being incredibly itchy because if I don't wash every time I save myself  from washing or co-washing daily but also not washing every time guarantees me an itchy scalp. So my hair has still been braided up from the braids that I put in on Tuesday for my braid out, I don't mind walking around with them in and thought today would be perfect to work out with them in. This actually proved to be beneficial my scalp was still able to breathe which I think helped prevent the sweat from building up like last time when I wore that bun and had the worst case of itchy scalp. For this look below I have three braids pulled up in a ponytail and five down the back. I pulled them together and twisted them up and secured with a bobby pin. I hit the treadmill and didn't have a problem with them falling down.
P.S. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
 This is my hair up

 The ponytail down 

 The side view of it down

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