Saturday, June 30, 2012

Curly Hair and Tanned Skin

I know it has been a while but I really have not done anything to my hair. I am beyond excited that I have worn it in this three strand twist out for almost two weeks! I do plan to wash it this weekend (hopefully) and then attempt another three strand twist out it is soooo hot here in Atlanta and my hair has held up amazing well. The only thing that I used for this twist out is pure aloe vera gel and shea butter that is it! I have learned that anything with glycerin in this heat equals a hot mess for my hair! So I have stayed clear of anything that has glycerin and opted to make my own twist cream! Monday my mom, sister and I headed to Acworth Beach (Lake Allatoona) and had a blast I of course got a nice tan and heat rash ( this happens to me every beginning of the summer). Well I am headed to volunteer and then a night out on the town later, have a great weekend!

                                  *I am in love with summer, look at this tan and my curly hair!!!*

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