Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Not what I expected hair day...

Hey yall,
 Remember that Sunday was my wash day and I decided to two strand twist my hair with the flax seed gel that I made on Thursday, well it didn't turn out the way that I expected let me tell you what happened. Ok I twisted my hair and said that I planned on wearing the twist until Thursday, but just like the last twist out I couldn't wait and took the twist down this morning. To my surprise my hair was slightly curly and looked like beach hair which was fine because it was a rainy day in Georgia here. I left the headband on and decided to wear my hair down anyway and re-twist again tonight. Below are some pictures that I took of my hair before I dry twisted it back up. Stay tuned because I just can't give up on this gel so I did a dry twist tonight and plan to show yall how this second set turns out, this gel is just to good to only work for wash and gos.

***Louie just had to be in this picture he was staring at me while I twisted my hair lol**

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