Sunday, January 2, 2011

Staple Styles

Hey Curlies,
I wanted to give yall(yes I did say yall, I grew up in the South remember lol!)a list of my go to styles:
-Banded Ponytail
This one is pretty self-explanatory what I do is after co-washing I place my hair in a low ponytail and then proceed to place several goody's ouchless black bands down the length of the ponytail to stretch my hair. I normally will leave the bands on for a few days and then di a dry twistout on the stretched hair, or wear the ponytail alone(this is about as close as I come to straight hair)
-Dry Twistout
I am the opposite of my big sis who adores big hair I perfer that my hair looks and feels more calm so when I do a dry twistout my hair seems more tamed.I will normally seperate the two strand twist and don't seperate the pieces or toss (flip my head upside down) to create more volume. This look is achieved by either using Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie or Kinky Curly Curling Custard(I know KCCC sounds strange many curlies only use it on wgos, I will do a review on it later.)
-Simple Bun
I normally do this on wet hair during the summer and during the cooler months I will bun my hair at night to air dry and either wear it low,middle or high bun
-Wash and Gos
I will only wear a wash n go when it is hot outside and typically because I don't like big hair I will wear half of my hair up and then half down
***Above is a pic of a dry twistout using KCCC***

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