Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Hey Yall,
Omg! I made a mad pj dash to Whole Foods the other day and really needed to get some Kinky Curly since I took my mini twist out last week. While in there I noticed this gel Kiss My Face Upper Management Hair Gel and that it was 8.99 versus Kinky Curly 18.99( in my head I could hear my Mother saying sometimes you just can't substitute!) But, I decided what the hey I can give it a try and if not either bring it back to return or use it for something else. So I get home and decided to do a dry braid-out, I never do braid outs because they normally don't give me defined hair (although it does stretch my hair the most especially if I previously had my hair banded.) So I threww a few braids in my hair and then the next day I toke it down the KMF left my hair defined which I normally don't get with KCCC, but I noticed that my hair looked hard and had some flakes. So I thought well I can't go out like this so I pull half of my hair up and wore the rest down. By the end of the day I make it home and my hair looks kind of big I decided to pineapple it and go to sleep. The next day it was completely flat, which led me back to Whole Foods and 30.00 later( I had to buy the big jar, they were all out of the small!) I was at home doing my twist out.
In all KMF was ok besides the flakes it did define my hair and the grapefruit smell was to die for, so I will not give up on the KMF but keep it in my closet for the summer wash and gos!


  1. hahaha---your mother sounds like my mother---and i do listen to my MOMMA!---great post!!

  2. I should have listened to her would have saved myself some money...thanks!