Monday, July 18, 2011

Out And About In Atlanta: Canvas By U

Hey yall,
So I waited all week for Friday night because my good friend Nekita, Shaquana and her friend Cicley and I went to a place called Canvas By U. Which is an art studio and we painted the pictures that you see below the cost is $35 and that includes the paint and canvas(the wine of course is brought on our own!) . This an amazing place the artist already sketched the outline and taught a three hour class that took us step by step to a finished painting( also we drank wine and painted so I am excited mine came out so good!) Each of us painted the same woman but each put our own flair to it. Because I was drinking wine I did have a few mistakes, but we had so much fun. I wanted to take more pictures but my phone died while painting, but here are a few below.
P.S If you are interested in more details click on the link above(Canvas By U) and it will take you right to there website! We all plan to go back soon :)


***the top picture is my finished painting, 2nd is my sister Shaquana with her apron ready to paint, 3rd Shaquana painting,  4th my outline of the painting, 5th is my palette of course I used tons of paint but this is how it started and the 6th pic is Shaquana, Me and Nekita.****                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

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