Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Good Hair Blog's Protective Style Challenge

Hey yall,
So of course yall have heard me mention the Good Hair Blog by Alex who is also the owner of Safi Hair Care. Well she is starting a protective style challenge to reach her goal of APL(Arm Pit Length Hair) by December and I thought I would jump on board too! It starts August 1st which is perfect because I have been rather lazy with my hair lately and I miss the twists so this weekend they will be back. Now I do have to admit my length goal will not be able to be met by the end of the challenge because I am MBL(Mid-Back length) and want to be WL (Waist Length) but that will be sometime this time next year I'm sure. But this is a good way to give my hair a break and also beat the heat because twist outs and braid outs fall victim to this heat every time I step out the house. So head on over to her blog for more details.
P.S. I started my new set of twists last night pics coming soon :)

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