Monday, July 11, 2011

I Found Henna!!!

Hey yall,
Since it is summer time I have received a few emails letting me know that the Jamila Henna crops have come in and that 2011 henna is on sale. I was already to buy since I am trying to henna at least once a month but the shipping has been killing me. So I figured that I should try and look for an Indian market in my area. I got to thinking that the henna has to be the same quality that is being shipped to me because it is waiting on a shelf as well, but the best thing is I don't have to pay for shipping! So I went to goggle and found Shivam it is located in Marietta which is about 15 minutes from me and let me tell you I was so excited. I got Nupar henna for $2.99 for 150 grams and Vatika oil for $4.99 a bottle. I got two packs of the Nupar and spent in all a total of about $12.00 which is a steal! I will post my next pics of the henna results soon.

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