Saturday, July 23, 2011

Product Review: Safi Hair Care's Coil Latte Buttercream

Hey yall,
So on Monday of last week Alex from the Good Hair Blog and the owner of Safi tweeted that she was giving a discount to anyone looking to try her latest addition Coil Latte Buttercream. I didn't hesitate to tweet back and make my purchase. Her items are all the rave and I have been wanting to try them,but she sells out fast. Anyhoo, I made my purchase on Monday and when I checked the mail on Thursday it was here! I had those twists in my hair but couldn't resist opening the jar and placing some on my ends. The scent of CLB is warm and creamy, my ends instantly felt uber soft. The following day I decided to use it for a twist out and on freshly washed hair I placed about 12 twists and they have been in for a few days.
What I love about CLB:
-the scent is warm, everywhere I went people could smell it
-CLB is made with butters but did not leave my hair feeling oily or weighed down.
-A little goes a long way, and the hold is great but not stiff thanks to the Aloe vera
-Shipping was fast!
The only thing that I hate is that I will have to wait until September to try the rest of her line, Alex has a great work ethic and wants to make sure that her customers receive her products in great shape and not melted from this heat. Which I do understand nothing is worse then a melted jar :( But I will be a repeat customer so look for more reviews of her line as the weather cools off!!!
P.S Alex's store and blog can be found by clicking on the links!

The twists from last week.

***Disclaimer: This products was purchased with my own money and the views and opinions expressed are thoughts of mine own to maintain integrity with the readers***                                                                                       

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