Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bouncy Twist Out

Hey Curlies,
So finally today is Friday and the weekend is near, even though I work on Saturdays. Anyhoo, I wanted to show yall what has been going on with my hair lately. I co-washed on Tuesday night and twisted my hair half up and the rest down. First let me explain the mini disaster, on Monday I made some flaxseed gel and poured in some hibiscus powder and I think I used a bit too much lol. I decided to do a braid out anyway and placed my hair in about 12 braids. The next morning determined to keep my hair from inflating I kept the braids in until it was time for work and then carefully removed them, but as usual by the end of the day my hair was big and puffy ( I always forget to snap those pics because I normally pull it into a pony). So that night I decided to co-wash and place my hair in 12 big twists and I wore them for a few days until the take down this morning. I love the results my hair was still bouncy and defined at the end of the day, I used a bit of Safi's CLB to set the twists. See the pics below enjoy!

***The 1st pic is my hair in the morning after untwisting and the 2nd pics is once I got home, sorry it looks like I am not dressed in this pic I am (I promise) lol***

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