Monday, July 18, 2011

Curls Galore!

Hey yall,
So yesterday was wash day and I really wasn't in the mood to do much with my hair especially since I had it in a twisted ponytail for the whole week. So I decided to try a pre-poo since my hair was feeling a bit dry. If you are not familiar with the term pre-pooing is placing oils on the hair and letting it sit on the hair but using body heat to help condition the hair.So I used evoo (extra-virgin olive oil ) and Vatika oil on my hair and let it sit for about an hour. After the hour with the plastic cap on I applied a cheapie conditioner (V05, I got it for 88 cents at CVS) and left the mix on for about 4 hours while I watched tv and napped. Once I rinsed my hair it was so soft and then I co-washed and pulled my hair into a high ponytail. I must say the conditioning helped reduce some of the frizz that I have been seeing lately and this morning my hair was still defined after sleeping on it. I used the eco styler gel to push back my edges, but I also plan on making more flaxseed gel for the rest of the curls to give it a more controlled look. Stay tuned for my post about the flaxseed gel.

**** 1st is the twist out ponytail I wore the past week, 2nd is a front shot of my curls with the flash on, 3rd side shot with flash and 4th is another side picture with no flash****

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