Friday, February 11, 2011

Yesterday's Hair...

Hey yall,
So a few days ago I had been dying to do a wash and go, but didn't have any Kinky Curly on hand, so yesterday I made a mad PJ dash to Whole Foods for a jar. Yall let me back up a bit if you don't know I am crazy about products. Just going to Whole Foods and walking down the health and beauty section gives me joy(laughing). Well anyhoo, I get into Whole Foods and grab the KCCC and notice that their was this new product at the bottom of the shelf...Beautiful Curls. It was way at the bottom and it has a whole product line a styler, conditioner,shampoo, and some kind of wax. I have no clue why I picked up the styler( Beautiful Curls Shea Butter Curl Defining Gel) but I thought what the hey and did it anyway. Fast forward I am at home with soaking wet hair and opening this jar...the consistency is milky but the smell was sweet like apricot. The ingredient list is wonderful, everything is natural and can be easily pronounced. Anyway, I applied it to my hair and it kind of just laid on top of my head for a minute until a friend called and I left home. So here I am driving down the expressway with very damp hair. Fast forward, yall three hours later and I am looking a crunchy dry mess yall. I tried to pull my hair back into a ponytail but it couldn't be saved, sadly I didn't take any pics of my hair once it dried. Pros: the smell and ingredients Cons: not the best product for a wash and go, I had to use a lot to do my hair the jar is almost half gone.It seems that despite the fact it is cheaper than KCCC, overall I would spend more money on this if I used it to replace KCCC. In the end I would not recommend this product, not for what I was trying to do for a wash and go.Don't believe me? Try it yourself available at Whole Foods for about 10 bucks including tax. However, I will be gifting this half used jar to my sis that doesn't do wash and gos :-( See the pics below

Twisted Marie
*Excuse the shirt lol. My hair after applying it kind of laid on my hair.*

See how much I used for one application, the jar is almost gone.

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