Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Hair the Past Few Days...

Hey yall,
Happy Saturday! So it has been a few days since I did my henna and indigo treatment and I must say I have gotten a few "your hair looks darker"comments and I am pleased with my hair. I washed my hair on Wednesday and the color still looks good. So I ended up letting my hair air dry and I wore it pulled up in a mid ponytail for a few days. Until Thursday night I started to miss my twist outs and I twisted my hair back up. See the pics below of my twist out and the ponytail that I wore.

The ponytail I wore

Twist out

*Sorry these pictures are at a weird angle it was early when I took them yall *


  1. wow----its so beautiful in a ponytail!---i love how your twists look--i want my hair to do that one day---how have you been Sugah'?---i simply loveeee your palm buttter cream---i used it in one of my videos--i'll have to redo it---i'll let you know when i upload it---remain blessed my friend!!!

  2. Thank you I been great, how about you? I loved the way this ponytail looked, part of the credit has to be given to my henna and indigo treatment. I am so glad that you are enjoying the butter cream, please let me know once you are done with the video I would love to see it!