Friday, February 18, 2011


Hey yall,
Sorry it has been so long last week I went on vacation and then this week I was still on a somewhat vacation from work still. Anyhoo, on Tuesday night I was searching the internet and came upon a company called LUSH and looked around on the website and fell in love. This company makes all natural hair, body and face cosmetics. So on Wednesday I jumped in the car and went to the mall, they are located inside of Macy's in a little corner,but let me tell yall the smell in that little corner is heavenly! As I walked in I was greeted by a lovely curly lady and she had the best glowing skin. We walked around the tables that they have set up and she showed me everything we talked about our decisions to go natural, how long we had been natural, and the best products to use on our curly hair. I spent about two hours in this store and it seemed like I was just chatting with an old friend. She was a wonderful sales assocaite because she asked me my likes and dislikes in regardes to hair products and only showed me items that would work for my curls. She was also honest and gave her "true opinion " on what she tried in the store and the best thing was she wasn't trying to force me into buying everything. So I left with several items and the cool thing is that they also give FREE SAMPLES, now yall know I am hooked. There stuff works so good, granted I did spend about a hundred dollars (I went to two differnet stores so my Mom could see the store) but the products are well worth it. See the pics below of some of the items I purchased, I used a few and will review in my next post.

The solid shampoo bar

Karma body soap

Hair moisurizer

Henna and indigo look out for that review soon!

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