Sunday, February 20, 2011

My twist out didn't last...

Hey yall,
I was so excited to wash my hair on Thursday with my solid shampoo bar and conditioner from LUSH and let me tell you my hair was so freaking soft, I used my handmade buttercream and placed my usual twist. My hair was nice and fluffy when I took it down on Friday before I left for the event. But I did notice that I started to get a little heated while I was at the event (I think the heat was still on) so I decided to steep out on the terrace while there and when I left I rode down the highway with my windows down. I had so much going on that day before I went to the event I had to drive across town to get two new tires and race back home. So at the end of the day I was so tired and went to sleep as usual, but when I woke up the next morning my hair looked like someone let the air out of it. So needless to say I have been rocking a semi wet bun for the past couple of days, see pics below.

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