Sunday, February 20, 2011

Curly Nikki does Atlanta Meet up (Part II)

Hey yall,
Ok so Friday was such an awesome meet up I got to the event somewhat late (traffic was horrible) but I had a great time and met so many naturals and of course I got to take a pic with Nikki. The venue couldn't have been better I am not sure how Nikki was able to come up with it by not being in Atlanta but let me tell you it was great. When I first got on the elevator I wasn't sure exactly where to go but two other naturals got on with me and we chatted a bit and then when we reached the floor for the restaurant, I screamed "Hey they look like us their they are!" Yall it was so many curlies in one place and everybody was all a buzz going by each other and asking what products do you use? I said many "I love your hair what do you use on it" I felt like I said that before saying hello! But it was the topic on everyone's tongue. Anyhoo I stood in a line to take a picture with Nikki and when I got to the front of the line we both screamed "I love you hair" we laughed and took a quick pic together and then mingled around the room with other curlies. It was such a fun event I heard that it was over 250 curlies in the room! (amazing). Not to mention I got a chance to meet the owner of Jessicurl and MahoganyKnots and her blog partner! See pic below of my hair that day, oh and sorry I had to take it with my phone I forgot my camera in the car :-(

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