Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm A Henna Head Now!!!

Hey yall,
So I told yall the other day about the stuff that I purchased from LUSH and I had been planing to henna my hair last week when I purchased it from LUSH but I have been dragging my feet, so finally today I decided to see what the buzz was all about. This is the first time that I tried henna and I always hear rave reviews about it but knew that it would be time consuming. The henna block that I got from LUSH was made of six smaller block but the the lady from LUSH said to use the entire thing so that's what I did. In a heat resistant bowl I placed the huge block and add boiling water, but made sure it was not to hot because I was told that this would kill the indigo in it. Once I had the mixture into a paste I went into the bathroom with a applicator brush that I picked up from Sally's and begun to apply to my hair. First off I love the smell, it reminded me of warm green tea and cocoa butter since they pack their bars full of cocoa butter. I left it on for about 7 hours and my hair was hard like a brick pulled up on the top of my head. The hard part was rinsing my hair, as you can imagine my bath tub now has a blue tint (I am crossing my fingers the bleach will take away the color). I co washed my hair and then used my shampoo bar until the water ran clear. Once I knew that my hair was free of the henna I braided it into my usual four plaits and then proceeded to rake through my eco styler morrocan argan oil gel and that was it.  I love that I didn't have to detagle much because my hair was so soft from the henna treatment, best of all my hair is almost a blueish black color that I wanted I was hoping that my ends would be darker since the sun turns my hair red in the summer, so I will be doing this treatment every 3 months. The best thing is that I didn't have to buy anything extra except for the gloves LUSH put everything into this henna block for me and nor did it need to sit for the color to release, I have heard that other hennas need to sit for hours for dye release. I love this henna bar and it wasn't a bad price @ 22.95 for a six block square. I plan to go back soon and pick up there fluff- ease henna treatment that they sell I love the way my hair hangs! See pics below

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