Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Today's hair

Hey yall,
So for the past few weeks I had been attempting but failing at some wash and gos, so I thought last night I should shingle my hair. So I jumped in to the shower and once out was faced with what product to use to do my hair and in the back of my shelf was Kiss My Face Upper Management, now yall remember a while back I tried to use this gel to do a twist out and it wasn't what I had imagined. Well of course I decided to take my chances and figured if I did my hair at night and it didn't turn out right I would wake up early to fix it. ( I know this is a hair rule that I break all the time!) Anyhoo, I decided to shingle and put my hair half up and half down to minimize frizz. Right when I was about to blog last night my power was out for two hours due to a horrible thunderstorm that had hit Atlanta so these pics below are of my hair after it has completely dried and shrunk! Enjoy
P.S. Oh I plan on making a trip to Whole Foods to stock up on more yay!

The best hair pic I think I have ever taken

So yeah I think I am going to stop fighting the red hair!

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