Sunday, April 17, 2011

If At First You Don't Succeed...

Hey yall,
So this past week has been like a blur to me, my schedule changed at work and I had a hard time trying to adjust to working during the day like normal people but I seem to be getting the hang of it (having Friday and Saturday off is always good!) Anyhoo, last week was wash day and honestly I can't remember what day I did it but I decided to attempt a braid out because I feel like I have a pretty good twist method and I was craving a change. So I attempted to do a braid out after wearing a ponytail for a few days and well I woke up took down the braids and my hair was still damp. I knew that this was a lesson learned because I broke one of the hair rules "Not attempting a new style the night before work!" So the following day I pulled my hair until a bun and then attempted to do it again last night. Yet again broken rule and attempted to do another braid out before work, when will I learn right? So today while at work with nothing else to do I decided to research on how to get the braid out method down. After spending sometime searching blogs I ran across a post that Curly Nikki had and decided to do a dry braid out since it takes forever for my hair to dry and then twisted the ends, I guess you could call it a Braid and Twist. Stay tuned for the pics tomorrow!

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