Sunday, April 17, 2011

Attention: I Heart Curls Was Born Yesterday!

Hey yall,
So as yall know for the past few months I have been tinkering around with making my own hair products and starting an online store. Well back in March I had decided on opening but because of a vendor that I decided to try out my order was late and I decided to push the open date back until May. Yesterday I woke with a long list of things to do and one thing was to buy a stand mixer to mix up my new products. Once I got home I noticed the jars that I had received from Camden Grey months ago and BOOM a fire was lit under me. I turned up my itunes and begun mixing and before I knew "I Heart Curls " was born and is now open for business on etsy. I am so excited because this idea has been in the corner of my mind since this time last year and I had  no clue where or how to start. Now one thing that I do admit is that I have learned so much from the natural hair blogs and researching is definitely the biggest thing. I am so happy that I have a name because I struggled with that idea as well. So please know that I am not here to force anybody or mass market to yall my items(I refuse to push my own product, but others yes!) (I'm joking) but I am just proud that I have finally done it, I feel like a proud Momma. LOL.

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