Friday, April 1, 2011

I Begun This Journey Almost 3 Years Ago !!!

Hey yall,
It completely slipped my mind that last month was my anniversary since my last relaxer, I remember it just like it was yesterday. It was 3 years ago and a friend of mine was going to a girl to get her hair done and asked me to go with her. After the last relaxer that I had in Christmas of 07 I thought that would be my last. But fast forward to February and I am in the chair getting relaxed up. The girl did an ok job but as soon as she finished I knew that would be my last one. I had no clue on what I would do with my hair, but I knew that relaxing it for the rest of my life wasn't an option. I recently spoke with a friend that saw a picture of me and she asked if I ever straightened my hair and I told her " Nope I am having too much fun wearing it curly!" See the pics of me below from when I was transitioning.

(My hair a week after my big chop)

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