Friday, May 6, 2011

LUSH:Henna and Jasmin Fluff-Eaze Review

Hey yall,
So about 2 months ago I purchased the Henna and Jasmin Fluff- Eaze from LUSH and was given a huge sample of it, the bag stayed in my hallway until yesterday morning I knocked it over. Thinking that I wanted to deep condition my hair I came home from work and whipped out this great product from LUSH. My hair was already stretched from the banding attempt on Tuesday so I applied to dry hair as indicated on the pot. My hair soaked it up and I was surrounded with the smell of Jasmin( some reviewers hate the scent but I adore it!) The directions on the pot said to use 1/4 of it for short hair, half a pot for in between hair and the entire pot for long hair. I used half of it and the entire sample I had gotten the same day I purchased it. I then wrapped my hair in saran wrap since I didn't plan on using heat, threw on a scarf and went to sleep. I woke up this morning and my pillow smelled like Jasmin, I unwrapped and rinsed my hair and I must say it was so soft,shiny and tangle free. The past few co-washing sessions I have seen many SSK(single-strand knots) and did a mini search and destroy, the other day when I banded my hair. I decided to twist my hair and let me tell yall there was no need for a comb or my denman I finger combed my hair and twisted my whole head in 15 minutes. I love this stuff and am somewhat upset that I waited so long to use it. I plan to go back to my original idea of using either this or the henna block once a month. Since my hair refuses to stay black from the indigo and henna, I plan to pick up the henna rouge block from LUSH today. See the pics below.
P.S. Stay tuned for my post on tomorrow for the take down! The Henna and Jasmin Fluff-Eaze is $21.95 for a 7.7oz pot and can either be found in there stores or online at

My hair covered in saran wrap

Naked Hair! There was no need for me to co-wash after this treatment.

Back view of naked hair, this is my original color coming back, but look at the shine!

Twists with a beanie from H&M
 LUSH: Jasmin and Henna Fluff- Eaze

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