Sunday, May 29, 2011

Going Natural Aint For Everybody....

Hey yall,
So before yall fly off the handle and burn me at the stake for this post title hear me out first, I promise you will enjoy this.  I was super busy this week at work and on Friday what should have been my off day at 530 I was running out of the office, just as I went past a co-workers office I waved and inteded on moving on but she motioned for me to come in (I thought great I've only been here for 60 plus hours this week and you need help too!?! ) Openning the door I walked in to a room of women co-workers and said "hey yall what's up?" Everybody paused and said Shtonia(my first name lol) how did you do your hair? I laughed and let out a sigh of relief I am always in the mood to talk hair can't you tell?  Anyhoo, I explanined my process and how long it took me and got a comment that really took me off guard. Three out of the four females I learned are tranisitioning and one is already natural. The girl that was traninsitioing maybe six months replied "so has your hair always been curly or did it start looking like you just came off the boat?" I stopped and tried to think before I answered and said "well I'm not sure of what you mean my hair has always been curly, why would you say like you just came off a boat? She laughed and went on to say "my hair is nappy and thick, I don't want to wear it without a weave because people will see how nappy it is." After this comment I couldn't take it, I told her I went natural not because I wanted curly hair, I did it because I wanted to know my hair outside of a relaxer( having curls was a beautiful surprise and added bonus!) As if this was not enough she went on to ask me what I was mixed with, annoyed at this point I stated "Black and Blacker!" She could see that I was extremely annoyed and said "I didn't mean any offense." The room grew silent for a minute and then I spoke and said "going natural is not easy, you have to deal with a lot your texture change, family, friends and co-workers opinions and much more, but one thing that helps is doing it for the right reasons. Of course this is a challenge but if you do it for the wrong reasons you will not be satisfied, as I always say "what you put into it you get out of it ten fold!" I could tell at this point I sounded like I was talking to a blank wall because she completely shut down on me I said my goodbyes and left.

This is something I wanted to share with yall, I started this journey with no clue as to what I was doing I just knew that I was determined to make it work and I kind of think this is exactly what I am doing! :)

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