Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Banded Hair Attempt

Hey yall,
So last night I decided that since my hair was slightly wet(and frizzy) from my shower that I would band my hair. For those of you that are not too familiar with the term banding, it involves placing several bands on the hair to stretch it, most people do it before twist outs to make the style easier to work with and also prevent single strand knots. So I decided that for this style I would pull my hair half up and half down and I did about six sections for the hair that was down and two for the ponytail. I used Goody's Ouchless Hair bands, I was in Wal-Mart the other day and brought a 70 pack for about 7 bucks. Anyhoo, my hair was sightly damp and I used almost the entire pack of bands, hoping to achieve a wavy stretched look. Well this morning when I woke up and took them down which took forever( 30 minutes ) my hair was still damp but mostly straight. Oops! I thought I must have placed too many bands on my hair and it had to be too wet. So I threw my hair in a bun and rushed to work( I know I broke my rule, what's new! lol) Below are the pics of my hair before I removed the bands and a picture after I took them out. I figure this is perfect because I plan on co-washing my hair tomorrow and twisting it for an event that I have to go to on Saturday, so at least I will be getting tangle free hair out of the deal! See the pics below. ENJOY! :)

After I removed the bands

*****Yall please excuse the side ways pictures, but I think yall see what I was doing with my hair.*****

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