Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hair Update

Hey yall,
So last Sunday it was late and I was looking at my twist out from a few days before and thought I wonder how long this twist out will last seeing that the weather is supposed to be in the 90s( I am not complaining at all) so I decided to put in my mini twist. Ok I know what yall are thinking a few months ago I put in some twist and they lasted maybe a week, before I took them out this time was different. Since my hair was strecthed from the twist out I decided to try a different method I started from the back of my hair and moved my way foward and this allowed me to put the front of my hair in a bun for work because....these twist took five days to complete. Yes you read right, five days to complete! I wanted to make sure that these twist would allow me to style them and keep them in for an entire month. See the breakdown below and the pics to follow :)
Process: I  twsited my hair with Nothin But Butters to moisturize, I only used my fingers to part the hair. Since my ends had been strected I only twisted the hair about 3/4 the way down and then once finished wet the ends for a curly look
Time: As stated above this look took me five days to complete a lot true, but I only worked on my hair for about 2-3 hours a night while watching tv.
Maintence: I am using castor oil to keep my scalp moisturized and grapseed oil for the ends which I apply about every three days or as needed, I plan to co-wash once a week. At night I pull my hair up with a lose satin scrunchie and then cover with my bonnet.
Styles: With the way I twisted my hair it is really endless as of right now I am wearing them down, but do stay tuned for new ones.
*In all I plan to keep these in for one month and do the same regimine that I had for the winter which was, alternating between twist and wearing my hair down or out for a month. The only thing that I plan to do different next time is blow-dry my hair on low heat to strecth it as much as possible.*

Dry twist before I wet the ends for a curly look

Wet ends

Completed dry look

 Throwback picture of twists from October 2010

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