Monday, November 7, 2011

Sevananda Natural Foods Market

Hey yall,
I almost hit the floor when I saw this huge block of Shea butter on Saturday for seven dollars! (lol ok I know I am dramatic) But no on Saturday I got in the car and drove down to Little 5 here in Atlanta  a trendy cool vibe type of place and their is a natural food store there called Sevananda. I got a few things besides this block of Shea, I also got handmade soap and Castile soap to shampoo my hair all of this came to a total of 11 dollars yall! I was so pleased with this experience they are the best neighborhood store, here is the link if you are in the Atlanta area and haven't been.

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  1. This block now cost $25 and they looked it me crazy because I thought it was still $11. The price increased recently