Sunday, November 20, 2011


Hey yall,
So a few months back Alex from the Good Hair blog and Lush In Flats posted a video on youtube about reusing candle jars and I loved the idea. For this you would need a candle jar that has burned down and then place it in boiling water. Once the wax has melted pour it into a heat resistant container and then clean the jar really well of any left over candle wax. You can then use the jar to store just about anything, I use them in my bathroom to keep my vanity neat. I went one step further and placed the animal print ribbon on the rim, I picked up the ribbon from Walmart for about two dollars. Now to take one step even more in the first picture is actually a nacho cheese jar that I opened and used last week and since the lid wasn't my style I kept it without the lid and placed lip gloss and lipstick in it. The middle picture is a smaller candle jar with the lid that came from Bath and Body Works. The third picture is an old vase that I got from the dollar store and placed half of my nail polish collection in it. Cute! I love this idea and they are very cute on display.

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