Thursday, November 24, 2011

My Quest For the Perfect Braid Out

Hey Curlies,
Happy Thanksgiving everybody! So this week for my hair has been a job and a half. Sunday night I decided to do my braid out for the week since my birthday party is this weekend. Well I tried something new and braided the side of my hair and then did the rest in braids for a braid out (see picture number one), well when I got up Monday morning and went outside it was so foggy and then my walk from the parking deck at work left me with giant sized hair. I was so upset my hair swelled and I was forced to pull it back into a low bun. I thought well that was a fail but I have a few days until the party so I tried again.
  The second time which I tried to do my next braid out was on Wednesday and when I took it down, the second pic was the result and from my face you can see that I didn't like it, one side was defined while the second was...just. well. there. I felt blah about it but allowed my hair to be puffy.
  Last night I thought I have to get this braid out together because my party is coming up and I don't want it to look blah again. So last night I braided my hair into twelve braids and then twisted the ends  down with two strand was a hit! I was so happy now I just have my fingers crossed that I can repeat this again for Saturday lol. I plan to take more pictures today but as of 5:30 we haven't eaten yet. I hope yall have a wonderful holiday!!!

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