Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happy Belated Birthday To Me

Hey yall,
I know it has been a while but I came back with lots of pics. So last week was my birthday and as I mentioned before my birthday dinner was on the Saturday before my birthday and then I went on vacation from work and I am proud to say that I haven't done much of anything. My braid out was fab that Saturday as yall can see in the third pic. But I also have to admit that I haven't washed or done anything else with my hair since two weeks ago. So at this moment I am sitting with a pre-poo mixture on my hair and I plan to wash it out later band my hair and get ready to install a set of  mini twists for this weekend, which will most likely stay in until after New Year's at least. Stay tuned for the second post for more pics.
P.S. I am 26 years young...time really flies lol

***Ok the first pic is a bouquet of roses from my sister that she gave me on my birthday, they are so pretty they don't even look real . The second pic is my good friend/ co-worker Taija and her boyfriend and she is gonna be a Mommy soon I can't wait (I hope it is a girl...she will be such a little diva) The third pic is of course me and my braid out a little blurry I know and of course  David(we had all been drinking at this point lol) The last pic hmm...should I really explain it!?!? Well that is shots of sake, my sister's best friend and get this our waiter... he took shots with us lol smh I know only at Rusan's in Atlanta( that is a different post lol)

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