Sunday, October 30, 2011

Rahssoul Clay and I

Hey yall,
So the braids are out I took them down Saturday night and I knew I needed to show my hair some tlc so I decided to do a rahssoul clay treatment. I used it with a cup of coconut milk, cocoa butter and shea butter. Once I made it into a paste I applied it to clean hair and went about my business. I left it on my hair for 45 minutes and then rinsed. Below are the pics of it on my hair. You can mix anything you desire to it but I just grabbed these two butters. :)


  1. Where do you get your Rhassoul Clay from ? I do not want to order it online but looks like that might be my only option LOL

  2. Hey! I have only seen it online but CamdenGrey the website where I got it from sells it by the pound the only thing is they have a twenty dollar minimum. Organic Creations is another website that sells it also and they don't have a purchase minimum and ship pretty fast. Another good clay to try as well is Bentonite Clay and you can pick that up from any health food store and also at Whole Foods if you have one near you.