Sunday, October 2, 2011

Crazy For Eyeshadow

Hey yall,
So about two weeks ago I was in Target and saw this eyeshadow palette on sale for $4.25 and grabbed it I thought what a great deal 12 shadows, a liner and instructions for a natural eye look. Well I got home and my sister made a surprise visit and we went on a mini road trip( but she forgot my camera at home -_-) so I didn't have time to try out the colors. A few days later when I got ready to try out some new looks I opened the palette and it was broken. I took it back to Target and then headed for the section where there had been tons of palettes a few days ago to find nothing at all, so I jumped in the car and headed to the next Target and nothing. I thought I knew of another Target and drove about 15 minutes to the other Target and got lost since I have no sense of direction, after an hour of driving around I headed home and decided to order it from the E.L.F website. The E.L.F website wanted to charge me 6.00 for shipping (yikes) and since I am crazy cheap I went to the Target website and found it and only paid 99 cents for shipping. Anxiously I tracked my eyeshadow online expecting it to arrive on my off day and it came early on a Friday 10 minutes before I got home from the post office (big let down!) So the next day I expected a visit from the post office and never saw my shadow, until I saw that it was being held at the post office (I thought no problem I will pick it up after work the next day.) So that is exactly what I did and marched right into the post office and was told that my package wasn't there,but at the post office in our small downtown the same place where I was at on Friday when I first missed the package. How crazy right? LOL it took me almost two weeks to get this shadow and I still haven't tried out the colors yet,but at least it isn't broken...I did check that. The things we do for products right!?!?

P.S. look at this matte polish I got, I love the color but it chips after three days with no topcoat :(

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