Sunday, October 2, 2011

Three-Strand Twists

Hey yall,
I know it's been a while since yall have gotten a post but I can honestly say I wasn't doing much with my hair the past week and a half. We are now in the last month for The Good Hair's Blog Protective Style Challenge I must say I had gotten comfortable with just wearing my hair in a bun. The other day I was at work with nothing to do and came up on a post from Beads,Braids and Beyond blog and saw a style on rope twists/sister twists. I just loved the styles that Nikki does on A's hair so I thought once I got home from work I would try it. Well I washed and detangled my hair last night and then placed it into four banded ponytails and went to bed. This morning I grabbed my Safi Hair Care CLB and begun to twists and well they didn't look to cute on me. Nikki has a video that she posted on her blog which explains how to do the twists and after watching I still couldn't get them to look right, so that idea went out the window. I was about to put my hair back into my go to bun when I remembered that I taught myself how to three strand twist my hair a few months ago. I know what yall are thinking, but it isn't a braid that I am talking about you literally take three sections of hair and wrap them around each other without braiding the hair. I watched a movie called Skin while working on my hair and let's say that I got distracted because one section of the twists are huge while the rest are medium sized but hey it happens ( the movie was about a black woman born to both white parents in South Africa during apartheid, it was awesome to say the least!) But anyhoo, once I finished I was happy with the some what medium sized twists since I normally only do two strand twists. I plan to keep these in for the next two weeks at least since the weather is starting to cool down nicely here in Atlanta, I can get back to my occasional twist outs next month!
***Up close view of my Three-Strand Twists***

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