Monday, August 8, 2011

Out And About In City: Echelon 3000

Hey yall,
So yesterday while running over to my best friend Alex's house she mentions to me that she wanted to go out  and asked if I wanted to go. I laughed and said "Umm sure" We went to this lounge Echelon 3000 and I must say that it was a  nice chill environment it was of course a full bar and grill, lined with with leather couches and floor to ceiling lights. We stayed and had a drink and snapped a few pics. We left and went to the Velvet Room and well yeah, I was reminded why I don't go to actual clubs. But this place was a completely different scene! See the website if you are interested in finding somewhere to hang on the weekends. :)

  ***I wore my twists down even though it was burning hot last night and the earrings are handmade by me! Alex is newly naturally and transitioning to locs how cute is her hair!?!***

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