Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mop Top Maven Owner of Enso Naturals???

Hey yall,
So I hate to stir the pot and get folks upset but I had to put my own two cents in on this messy situation. So Monday morning I saw a tweet asking if Nicole Crowe is the owner of Enso Naturals. Ok first let me give yall history on Enso Naturals a few months ago I got a follow from this company and being the product junkie that I am I rushed over to their site and checked it out. I was in love and wanted to try everything, I even loved that they had samples but when I got to the checkout the shipping was crazy and I decided to wait. But following the next couple of months a lot of bloggers and naturals ladies that I am following did several reviews and loved the products so again I went to the site and the shipping still bothered me, so I decided to put it on my list of things to try. Well I know yall are wondering what the issue is but Nicole (Mop Top Maven) is a huge blogger and had a booming jewelry store and last winter became ill and didn't send refunds or the products and I have heard folks missed the opportunity to get their money refunded from paypal and she disappeared from the blogsphere, twitter and facebook. Some of the message boards are claiming that the monies that she owes for refund or the product amounts to the tune of 15,000 ( yes I almost screamed when I saw this) and this was used as her start up for the company Anyhoo, I am telling yall this for two reasons first, I don't want anyone thinking that I am telling them not to buy from Enso Naturals because it was never confirmed that she is the owner also I am not saying that she is guilty either but the situation is odd. But the most important thing is because I have my own tiny little store on etsy and I do a lot of my styles with my own products but in no way am I trying to market myself on this blog. This is just me going through the ups and downs of being natural, places in my city and other randomness I come up with. Yes I go by Twisted Marie but it is my middle name my first is Shtonia and is always mispronounced when people see it lol. But I am telling yall this because I appreciate each and everyone of you that come and read my blog and do not want to mislead anyone. So the moral of the story is be careful with any recommendations of any sites and products and  of course follow your own judgment :)
TwistedMarie (Sha-ton-a) this is the best way I could spell it so yall can try to pronounce it and yes it is spelled Shtonia my Mom made it up :)

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