Monday, August 15, 2011

Co-Washing Twists

Hey yall,
So today was my off day and I had plans to do absolutely nothing today! So while watching tv today I realized that I was supposed to co-wash yesterday and I had not. I jumped into the shower and used my Tresemme conditioner. I first saturated my hair with water and then took a handful and patted it to the front, sides and back. I gently massaged it into my hair since I am trying my best to help prevent my hair from unraveling or frizzing up once it dries. I then let it sit on my hair and then rinsed well by running my twists right under the running water to help get rid of build up. Once I finished co-washing I ran my ecostyler gel on the ends to prevent frizz and lightly oiled my scalp with grapseed oil then snapped a few pics. This is the same method that I always use when I am wearing my hair in twists. Tomorrow I will post pics of my fulled dried twists. Enjoy!
P.S. I know I promised pics of my makeup look for the dinner on Friday but Alfredo was sick so we re-scheduled for this Friday stay tuned :) 

***Sorry for the quality of this pic, I am not sure why it looks like this sometimes, but this is my hair while wet***
***Close up picture of my twists while wet they are starting to plump up and shrink***

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