Thursday, January 19, 2012

Twist Take Down & Henna

Hey yall,
Last week I started the take down of my last set of twists and let me tell yall it was horrific. I had tangles and knots it took forever (well three days). Once I got them all out I decided to wash my hair and then do a pre-poo since I planned on doing my next round of henna. See the first pic of my bun below I used castor and olive oil and that was the best it softened my hair and helped get rid of the tangles I had left over. I used Karishma henna this time and made it as before with hibiscus tea and powder and of course lemon juice. I left the henna mix in over night and once I rinised I noticed the strength and shine I have been missing. Overall, I love the results that Karishma gave me and at the price of 1.99 from my local Indian store I will be a repeat user( well once I finish my supply of Nupar henna off lol). On another note, as much as I love my mini twists as a protective style I think that next time I will not do them so small and make sure that I have worn my hair stretched for a few days those tangles almost brought me to tears.

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