Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring Has Just About Sprung:Spring Hair Regimen

Hey curlies,
The weather is starting to warm up rather nicely here in Atlanta and it is time for me to change from my current winter regimen (aside from the few rainy days!) Below you will find my current hair regimen, some new products have been added and some taken away.

-I am now rotating co-washing once every other week with shampooing with my LUSH solid shampoo bar.
- On the weeks when I only co-wash use TJ's Nourish Spa Conditioner leaving a little bit in after rinsing I run my LUSH solid Jungle conditioner over the four sections of my hair, place four big plaits in each section and allow my hair to air dry for 20 minutes.
-After taking down each section I apply coconut oil and then my veggie glycerin mix to each section.
- Depending on the type of style twist or braids I then use a small amount of my Handmade Hair Moisturizer and then HandmadeTwist styler Cream.

                                                              Maintaining My Style
- When wearing twist outs or braid outs, I will add a small amount of LUSH R & B to my hair every other day once I wake up and shake. My hair will last this way for five days or until time for wash day as long as at night I pull it back into a low, lose pony and the cover with my satin bonnet.
- Around day 4 and 5 my hair starts to frizz a bit and I use a small amount of grapeseed oil to combat the frizz and poof.
                                                              Deep Conditioning
-I have really enjoyed my henna and indigo experience and plan to keep up with it monthly. The henna bars that I purchase from LUSH are already mixed and ready the only thing I need to do is add hot water, patience, apply and wait 8 hours. I also purchased the LUSH Henna and Jasmin Fluff- Ease which can be used to deep condition the directions say to leave on for 20 minutes, but the store associate recommended that I leave it on all night for maximum benefits.
- When I am short on time or if I need to style more than once a week I plan to use my on pre poo treatment from Handmade as an oil rinse. Which will give really good results, either one of these treatments will be done once a month.
                                                              My Ends
- with the harsh dry weather slowly disappearing I am noticing fewer single- strand knots, so as norm when I see them I will do search and destroy sessions at no frequency to help combat them, normally when I see all of them I try to do a protective style to give my hair a break

This is all I have so far, this is normally the time of year that I wear my hair out more and do wash and gos, but the ones that I have attempted recently have not produced the best results so I see more twist and braid outs in my future . :)

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