Sunday, March 9, 2014

Roller Set Gone Wrong

Ugh I don't even know where to start...ok so I had plans to take my twists done since they had frizzed up on me badly from hot yoga a few weeks ago. I went to Sally's and decided to pick up some rollers for a roller set and figured it would be a great way to stretch my hair without too much heat. I left 30 minutes later with rollers and hairpins and ready to start a challenge Friday night. I took my twists out and washed my hair as usual and then started the process. First of rolling my curly hair on a roller was difficult. I spent an hour putting in three. I got frustrated pulled my hair in a bun and went to sleep. The next day I woke up ready to try again, I went to a beauty supply store and found the magnetic rollers with snaps so I wouldn't need to use hairpins. I headed home and rinsed my hair to try again, I really had high hopes it would work. So I managed to roll all of my hair and it took me two hours and fifteen minutes. I think that was a sign then that this wasn't gonna work. I sat and sat under the dryer for what seemed like hours. Once I hit the hour and a half mark I couldn't take the dryer any longer and there was no way in hell I would try to sleep in these things. Well I took the rollers down and my roots still had lots of texture but my ends had big lose curls. I wanted to cry like sit in the middle if my bathroom and cry, I had spent the past two days on my hair and it was a total flop. I'm sitting here now typing this with my hair in a semi straight braid and wavy roots ...I might try again...well no time soon. I just don't want to look at another roller for a long time. Stay tuned. 

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