Friday, January 31, 2014

Product Review: KoilsByNature Herbal Soothing Curl Defining Gel

So I have been trapped in the house for a few days a snow storm came through Atlanta on Tuesday and shut the whole entire state down! So with cabin fever growing stronger everyday I decided to take my twists out and wash my hair for a braidout. I used the Koilsbynature Herbal Soothing Curl Defining Gel and let me say this was one of my best braidouts. First the scent smelled heavenly it was a eucalyptus scent and I couldn't help but feel relaxed, and best of all a little went a long way. I braided my hair into about ten braids and let them air dry. When I took my hair down this morning it was pleasantly scented still but not overpowering because eucalyptus can be strong to some. My hair was shiny, well defined and left with a little hold. One thing that I always worry about when trying a new product is if it will leave my hair crunchy and hard, because I like hold but hate the stiff hair look. I must say that this product gave me great results and I plan to put it into rotation. I got it for free last month at a hair event but go to the Koilsbynature website and pick it up if you are interested. 

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