Friday, March 22, 2013

Three Strand Twists

So I have been wearing my hair down for the past few weeks and have needed a bit of a break from weekly styling. I wanted to do mini twists but needed to have more than just a day to do them do I opted for three strand twists these took me about three and a half hours. I wore them in a high bun this week and plan to keep them in until at least next weekend maybe longer.I have started working out again and need something that will keep my style from sweating out. So far I have post 12 pounds in 3 weeks so I am super excited!!! I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!
P.S. So this is my twists on day one and the last is me waiting on my family for dinner, sorry I look so upset I had been waiting for 15 minutes in my warm car lol

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  1. I'm curious...what is the difference between 3 strand twists and braids?